These are the most Frequently Asked Questions for selling your products on Chronos Stores


How do I sell on Chronos Stores?

To start selling on Chronos Stores, you have to be registered. You do not have to pay anything to register. Just visit the accounts page on Chronos Stores and fill the Register section. Read detailed version on “How to Sell on Chronos Stores here.

How do I login?

Log in on Chronos Stores by clicking the account section and choosing “sellers dashboard”, then enter in your details to access your store.

How do I best describe items I’m selling?

To best describe the item you are selling; please mention all the key highlights of the item (main technical specs), unique selling features, functionality, size or dimensions, weight and be factual. Make sure to show the customers all the benefits of your product. You may browse the site and see how products have been described.

How can I upload a picture from my computer on Chronos Stores?

To upload pictures of your products, use the Browse function. Please remember that: Your pictures must be in JPEG or PNG formats and the image size should be between 600 by 600 Pixels and 800 by 800 pixels. See examples here and here

How to best choose images for items I’m selling?

Images for items you’re selling must be high quality images that are sharp and clear. As much as possible, let your pictures bring out the beauty of your product. The standard size of images on Chronos stores must be between 600 by 600 pixels to 800 by 800 pixels. See examples here and here

My item got rejected when I uploaded it, what do I do?

You will receive an email explaining the reason of rejection. After understanding the concern, you can edit and resubmit the product for approval.

How many products can I put up?

There’s no limit on how many products you can list for sale on Chronos Stores and this is always free.

I don’t have images of my products, what do I do?

You are to take high quality shots of your products so customers can see and have an idea of what they are buying. The standard size of images on Chronos stores must be between 600 by 600 pixels to 800 by 800 pixels. See examples here and here

How do I know when a customer places an order of one of my products?

Once you have received an order, an SMS and/or an email alert are sent to you with the product details.
All your orders will appear under “Orders” in your seller’s dashboard. Once an order is placed by a customer, it will automatically read “Pending”.

When should I accept an order?

You should only process an order if you have the item in stock. If not, cancel the order.

How to cancel an order?

To cancel an order, select “Cancel” on the order. When you cancel an order, it is always a good practice to enter a reason that would be helpful should the customer reach out to the Chronos Stores in the future

How do I package my item?

All products must be neatly packaged to avoid damage when products are being delivered.

When is an item “Ready-to-ship”?

An item is “Ready-to-ship” when:
Chronos Stores has recieved your invoice and product. All these must be done within 48 hours of the order (except for special scenarios – contact our Sales team if you have questions on delivery timing).

What is an invoice?

An invoice is a document issued by a seller to the buyer (in this case, Chronos Stores), that indicates the quantities and costs of the products provided by the seller.

Why does Chronos Stores need an invoice from my store?

Chronos Stores needs an invoice from your store for validation of the transaction. It stands to say we have received the items and from you and indicates the monetary value. This means we can use that to book the transaction in our own books.

What kind of products can I sell on Chronos Stores?

Chronos Stores is an online home interior store. Home and Office Furniture, Paintings, Lightings(Indoor and Outdoor), Wall paint, and any interior item for your indoor and outdoor space can be sold on Chronos Stores

Can I sell used or refurbished items on Chronos Stores? How about ‘replicas’?

No, Chronos Stores will not accept used or refurbished items on the site

 Can I modify my product details once they are live?

Yes! You can modify your existing product details by logging into your Chronos Stores account: Go to the product, and click on edit. Then scroll through and change whatever detail you want to change.


How can I track my order history?

Go to “Orders” in your seller dashboard. There you will see your history broken down by “Completed”, “Processing”, “On-hold”, “Pending”, “Cancelled” and “Refunded”

How can I be sure that my price is competitive?

In Chronos Stores, you have the possibility to see how many competitors are selling the same product. You can compare your price with the cheapest offer and how much you would need to reduce your price to match it.

How can I have a summary of my earnings over the past weeks?

Your earnings are displayed on the home page of your seller’s dashboard.

What is the commission fee on each of my products in Chronos Stores?

Chronos Stores requires a 10% commission on each of your products that is sold (depending on the value of the product). As always, we will closely monitor cancelled and returned orders to ensure the best experience for our customers.

When do we pay for commission to Chronos Stores?

Chronos Stores will deduct commissions on each product sold.

When do I  get paid my funds from sales made?

As you  make sales, your credit keeps accumulating. You may request a withdrawal from your accounts anytime; Chronos Stores will pay, once your request is approved. Automatic payments are made to vendors 3 days after their goods are delivered, provided there are no returns.


If I experience any issue using any service on the Seller dashboard, who do I contact?

You can reach the Chronos Stores Support team any time you need help. Just send an email to or call +234-8030786259 (Lagos)

What happens when I run out of stock on a product?

If and when you run out of stock, you must immediately activate the “out of stock” button on the particular product in your seller’s dashboard so that buyers do not place orders for the product. If you are unable to activate the “out of stock” option immediately, do not hesitate to contact Chronos Stores on 01-2931872

How do I set up a good price for my product?

Determining the right value of your product is very important, especially if your buyers can find the same products in other shops at a better price. To be competitive, make sure to check the prices of other sellers on Chronos Stores and on other websites in the country. You should also ask yourself “How much would I be willing to pay for this product?”. Please note that you may also set promotional prices for a given period of time, which will increase your visibility on Chronos Stores and your chances of selling.

When will my product be shipped to the buyer?

The estimated delivery date is calculated using a number of factors including historical seller performance, the proximity of the buyer to the item, the historical performance of the shipping carrier, seasonality, and other factors. Ideally, the time to drop off an order will be at least 36 hours less than the number of delivery days that has been provided for the product. e.g If you listed 3 days for delivery of the product, Chronos Stores should have received the product on the afternoon of the second day.

How can I make my products more attractive?

You can make sure that your prices are competitive, your titles are catchy, and your descriptions are detailed and accurate. Also set discount prices for specific periods of time. Share your products on your social media pages and on your friend’s pages and insist on receiving ratings from your buyers

Can I delete a product?

Yes! You can delete your existing product by logging into your Chronos Stores account: Go to the product, and click on delete.
Note that if you have received an order on a product, deleting the product will not cancel the order. If you also want to cancel the order, please go to “Orders”, click on cancel order and call Chronos Stores on +234-8030786259 (Lagos)  for notification and explanation.

Feel free to contact our Customer Service, in case you have any question.

Updated – December 2022