6 Features of an Elegant Dining Area
Nothing beats the beautiful memory of family moments spent in a beautiful dining area filled with laugher and great meals and heartwarming conversations. While some people choose to let their dining area sink into the overall design...

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5 Reasons To Love Centerpieces
So you’re done setting up or redecorating your home with all the essentials intact, you take one final glance around to revel in your satisfaction but notice...

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Elegant Décor Ideas for The Holidays
Like a song, there is a décor for every season, mood and occassion. For some, the Christmas season is an opportunity to revamp their homes for the coming year. For others, it only requires making a...

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An Easy Guide to Accent Pieces 2
In our last design story, we introduced accent pieces as one of the most significant components of any interior space and shared three easy ways you can introduce them into your space. If you missed...

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An Easy Guide to Accent Pieces 1
First of all, what does the word even mean? Phrases such as “accentuate” are often tossed around so much, their true meanings end up being lost. Very simply, an accent is a contrasting element. It...

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