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Selling on Chronos Stores is a few steps away! Our Web interface allows you to navigate through your account with ease and you can view the summary of all your products; how much you have sold, earned, and how often customers are viewing your products.

To Register

  1. Click here To Register or click ‘BECOME A SELLER’ to create an account.

2.   Register as a seller by inputting your email address and new password (make sure to click the “I am a vendor” option). Your registration will be reviewed and approved or rejected by the store’s manager. Subsequently, if you have registered and have been approved as a seller, you can log in with your username/email address and password.

Managing Your Store

Best way to sell online
Once you have registered, you can begin to manage your account and upload your products to your store.


best way to sell online

  • Go to the products tab under Dashboard and click “Add new product “


  • Input product name, price, image, category of product(select from the drop-down list), and description of the product.


  • Please note that your product image must be between 600 x 600 and 800 x 800 pixels. Please note that your image must be high quality as this is what attracts customers to your product amidst other products. Then click the “create product ” button.


  • In the next page, make sure to leave your stock status as “in stock”. You may change this option when or if your product goes out of stock.
  • Click on the “save button ” to save your product.  Your product will be reviewed by Chronos Stores and subsequently approved or rejected. If it is rejected, you will be contacted for the reasons why.

  • You can view The status of your orders from the orders option under products.
  • You may request your earnings by clicking the “withdraw” option. Your withdrawal request will be reviewed and consequently approved, given you have met all your deliveries.

The best way to sell online


  • You can also edit your account and account details through the settings tab under “withdraw”. Upload your banner and/or Change your store name (Chronos Stores prefers a proper name for your store and not your Personal Name)
  • Your payment process
    You may request for a withdrawal of your earnings at any time, given you have met all your Orders and deliveries.
    Your payment details must be complete and up to date for a smooth transfer of your earnings to you.

Once your products and offers are approved, customers can see them on  Chronos Stores notifies you when customers place an order. Such goods are received at our designated drop-off places and processed for shipping and delivery by Chronos Stores.

Chronos Stores deposits payment into your bank account at regular intervals and notifies you that your payment has been sent.

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Orders Over ₦150,000 Get Free Shipping