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Sun Flower

Create a striking display in your garden with these magnificent sunflowers. The yellow flowers with their yellow/gold centres are ideal for any garden. Ht: 1-2ft (at supply) ...
 650  600

White Lily

The White lily never truly goes dormant.The strength and beauty of this flower has cemented its place in the cultures of the world. With such an elegant ...
 1,300  1,150

Red Orinda Flower

It is perfect for any architectural project or decor style.The ideal home, garden, office, verandah, Wedding decoration is accurate with this lovely red orinda flower.The multiple leaves ...
 3,800  3,760

Ruboster Palm

excellent quality, nice and chunky with fresh lush green leaves. Each supplied with an overall height of up to around 2-4ft tall. Used both indoor and outdoor.
 2,800  2,700

Cycas Palm

Makes a wonderful textural and architectural plant that is easy to grow. it slowly forms a trunk over many years. They look great in modern planters. Supplied ...
 4,500  4,300

Artificial Grass 10mm

Low piled Artificial grass.The Low Pile Hardwearing Polypropylene Artificial Grass has a short grass pile surface (10mm thick) that gives it a natural and neat appearance of ...
 4,800  4,000

Canna Lilies

Canna Lilies plant is a shrub of the family, Cannaaceae. Height at buy date:0.6m Colors: Yellow, Red, Orange Please note: Pots are sold separately.

Ixora Plant

Ixora plant is a shrub of the family, Rubiaceae Height at buy date: 0.2m Please note: Pots are sold separately. Also note that flowers may not be ...

Bourgainvillea plant

Bourgainvillea plant Height at buy date: 0.5m Colors: White, Pink, Pink-ish, red Pot Size: 40cm - 4500(Foreign);1500(Local) Please note: Pots are sold separately. Also note that flowers ...