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Pink Faux Fur Throw Pillow

This beautiful piece brings a cozy tactile look to your seating area It features an inviting aesthetic that’s sure to spruce up any boring sitting room. Includes: ...

Sun Flower

Create a striking display in your garden with these magnificent sunflowers. The yellow flowers with their yellow/gold centres are ideal for any garden. Ht: 1-2ft (at supply) ...

Yellow Bush Flower

Loads of deliciously scented yellow bush attracting butterflies and bumblebees galore. Quickly growing to a substantial 4’ x 4,’ it’s multi-branching with a stout tree-like trunk.  

Yellow Orchid

The Yellow Orchid aka Yellow terrestial cymbidium orchid Height at buy date: 0.6m Colors:Yellow Pot Size: 40cm - N4500(Foreign); N1500(Local) Please note: Pots are sold separately.

Red rose transparent PVC wallpaper

Used to decorate the entire wall of the room with repetitive patterns. 100% Self Adhesive Vinyl Material (self mounted). NOTE: colour of wall paint gives the background ...
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White Lily

The White lily never truly goes dormant.The strength and beauty of this flower has cemented its place in the cultures of the world. With such an elegant ...


Coleus is also known as Coleus Blumei Height at buy date: 0.25m Colors: Dark red, Purple Pot Size: 30cm - 3500(Foreign);1500(Local) Please note: Pots are sold separately.

Ixora Plant

Ixora plant is a shrub of the family, Rubiaceae Height at buy date: 0.2m Please note: Pots are sold separately. Also note that flowers may not be ...

Carnival plant

A sumptuous selection of flowers in rich reds and burgundy and pinks Freshly supplied from the garden Height: 1ft at supply Perfect for beautification of spaces.