3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Kitchen Interiors

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Kitchen Interiors

Picking out a layout, colours, textures, and appliances for kitchens is one of the most exciting parts of an interior project. The kitchen space is a very personal and special space to most homeowners and it is important to carefully think through every decision you make for the sake of safety as well as aesthetics. Today we’ll be sharing with you a few points to consider which most designers and homeowners are not aware of, but can have serious effects on the success of your space.

1. Wall Tiles

The backsplash above the range and work top are of two different materials, at about half the height of the window

Tiling kitchen walls is a great way to prevent stains and damage due to moisture. You should however only have your walls covered up to a certain height which would be prone to have oil and other liquids splash on them, not from floor to ceiling. This is because tiles do not absorb or transmit heat so having the entire surface area covered will inevitably turn your kitchen into a ‘heat-trap’.


2. Overhead Cabinets Should Reach to the Ceiling

Ensuring that overhead cabinets reach the ceiling is a very efficient way to use available space for storage purposes.

Storage room is more important than you would have guessed, and not prioritizing this during the planning stage of a new kitchen or while remodeling an old one is a huge mistake. Be sure to maximize every inch you can so you can have pots, pans, plates and other utensils safely and efficiently hidden away. Overhead cabinets are a great way to do this but leaving a gap between the top and the ceiling collects dust and gives rodents and insects a place to hide. (Note: you’ll probably need to make arrangements for a small stool or something you can stand on to reach the very top if you aren’t very tall).


3. Lights!

While it’s great to have central or recessed lighting (a lot of kitchens even have both), it is more efficient to have lights installed under your cabinets such that they illuminate your worktops directly. Ceiling lights cast shadows while you work so it’s best to ensure your work areas are properly lit in order to prevent accidents.

You should illuminate worktops by installing lights under overhead cabinets.


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