9 Common Home Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

9 Common Home Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Most people get excited when it’s time for a space revamp. While some homeowners take a straight plunge into the process, letting every idea fly. Others take a more practical and thoughtful approach — drawing out the rule book and ensuring that everything conforms.

Either way, we’ll be sharing some common mistakes to avoid when decorating your home.

01. Not Knowing that Everything Counts

What makes a befitting home? It’s everything about your decoration. It’s the dazzling array of colours calling for a second glance. It’s the easy transition between spaces. It’s the pretty little pieces that stick out amidst your room. It’s everything.

The quality of your home décor depends on all the details — the colours, décor pieces, furniture placement, wall coverings, accents, layout and more. They all contribute to the outcome of your home décor so you want to get them right.

common interior design mistakes to avoid
Pro Tip: Use colour and elements to create contrast within a small space. Photo Credit: Photographee.eu

02. Choosing the Wrong Paint Colour

This is what happens when you spot a colour you love and decide it must be in your home. There are awesome ways to introduce your favourite colours into your space but the wall is not always a good place to start.

Determine if your choice works best with everything you’ll be adding to the space before making a colour choice. It’s advisable to work with a theme when choosing paint colours.


common interior decoration mistakes to avoid
Pro Tip: Choosing a theme first will help you choose the right paint colours & create a well-defined space. Photo Credit: Li Chaoshu | Shutterstock

03. A Chaotic Layout

Bad furniture placement is another mistake to avoid when decorating your space. It gives your space a disjointed layout. Ensure that your space has a smooth flow. I.e it’s easy for you to move around. Introduce a perfect symmetrical blend by using various sizes of furniture to create rhythm within your space.

The layout of your space could be magical, musical and all-round refreshing! This makes it easy for you to effectively use your space. A good layout will define your room.

common interior decorating mistakes to avoid
Pro Tip: “Flow” is the keyword when planning your room’s layout. Ensure that there is sufficient space to move around. Photo Credit: Beyond Time | Shutterstock

04. Wrong Rug Sizes

Rugs! They can make or defy your décor. Avoid choosing a rug that’s too big or small because any of these extremes will ruin your design consistency.

Go for a rug that flatters your furniture layout and colour. Rugs are easy to overlook but they shouldn’t be. It’s a great way to make a bold statement with your home décor.

common interior decorating mistakes to avoid
Pro Tip: consider the size of space allotted to each section within your oom before selecting a rug. Photo Credit: Jodie Johnson | Shutterstock

05. Wrong Window Coverings

You can use curtains or window blinds to bring character to your design. Most people put all the effort everywhere else and give window coverings a half-thought. But, you should be intentional about making a choice. Consider how they interact with the rest of your room. They should be decorative and functional. The right choice of window coverings will improve your space.

Window Covering - Curtains
Pro Tip: Asides from choosing the right window covering, hanging them properly will make your space look elegant.  Photo Credit – Pertinov Sergei Mihilovich

06. Poor Use of Lighting

Lighting is the expression of your space. She shows up and everything else comes alive. With lighting, you can define the mood and ambience within your space.

Not layering lighting will make your space dull and boring. This is one mistake that shouldn’t exist with your décor. Maximize the combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting. Also, give your space a mix of floor lamps, wall sconces, and ceiling lights.

We cannot ignore the benefits of natural lighting. It improves your quality of life and exudes a pleasant ambience.

common interior decorating mistakes to avoid
Pro Tip: It’s always a great idea to use accessories that reflect or direct light around your space. Photo Credit: Murattellioglu | Shutterstock

07. Too Bold or Too Loud

Bright colours are amazing. But without control, they will ruin your space. Don’t dominate your space with loud colours. Workaround this by creating a balance.

Every element contributes to the colour variety, flow and combination that forms your interior décor. Pair bold art pieces with subtle furnishing; or complement dull couches with colourful throw pillows. Colour combination is a fun game of “mixing and matching”.

common interior decoration mistakes to avoid
Pro Tip: If you want to echo focal colours within your space. Use throw pillows. Photo Credit: Vadim Ovichnnikor | Shutterstock

08. Too Many Focal Areas

When every corner looks like a focal area, you can be sure of a chaotic outburst. It’s hard to define your space because your eyes are all over the place and this defeats the purpose of having a focal area.

Define your focal point from the onset and build everything else around it (your television doesn’t have to be your focal area, you can get creative).

09. Using It because It’s the Trend

While it’s good to find inspiration from what’s trending, remember that trends will fade but your home will always be there. There’s no point trading your comfort for what’s in vogue. You can’t always switch your décor every time a new trend comes in.  What does this mean? If it’s trendy but does not fit into your décor, you can and should let it go.

Avoiding the above mistakes is an essential step toward creating a befitting space for yourself. Like we said earlier, the quality of your home décor depends on all the details, getting it right means you ought to pay attention to them.


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