How to Decorate an Open Floor Plan Apartment

How to Decorate an Open Floor Plan Apartment

An open floor plan apartment is desirable for many homeowners. This is either because of the need to step away from the norm or the accessibility it brings.

One exciting thing about the open plan apartment is that it provides an opportunity for you to explore your space from various interesting angles.

However, giving expression to your ideas may be more difficult than it seems. Knowing how to place furniture, define spaces and combine elements are important things to note if you want to get the best from your open-floor apartment.   Here are a few tips to help you get started.

01. Create A Connection

An open plan is a typical all-in-one apartment. Every zone has its function – the living room, kitchen and dining area. However, there should be a defining connection within your space.

Do this with colours, furnishing, accessories and positioning. Let each section flow into the other and give enough room for transition. Do this with key elements like colour, lighting and furniture. It’s also important that you create a visual and functional flow within the space.

how to decorate an open plan apartment
Notice the colour connection between the dining seats and the kitchen cabinets. The patterned curtains highlight the wall and subtly, the floor. Photo Credit: Max Vakhbovych

02. Define Areas 

Distinguish functional areas within the apartment. Furniture placement is an excellent way to define spaces. Use area rugs to mark out sections and lighting to create a distinction. Give each area a unique feature – something that stands out without being odd.

For a bit of drama, introduce statement pieces, highlight special features and make the best use of details. You can also add a room divider to create private areas. Create clusters and intimate zones within the space to avoid a chaotic layout.

interior decor ideas for open plan apartments
Here, the area rugs define the living room and dining area. The various light fixtures also contribute to creating a distinction.

03. Go Neutral

It’s advisable to stick with a neutral colour scheme when working with an open floor plan. This is because there are multiple areas calling for attention and you don’t want too many distractions within your space.

A neutral scheme gives you a balanced approach to creating something appealing. The accent and background colours should work together to ensure that you have a welcome ambience within your space.

interior decor ideas for open plan ap[artments
A neutral colour scheme is easy to work with. You can also use pops of colour to incorporate uniformity.

04. Maximize The Walls

An open-plan apartment is known for having few walls. It’s important that you make the best use of them. Throw in artworks, mirrors, wall sconces and other unique décor items that help you include the walls in your overall design.

Maximize architectural details like panels, wainscoting or artistic moulding to add more visual interests. Wallpapers, wall murals or decals are also great considerations.

how to decorate an open plan apartment
Capitalize on walls to add visual interest to your space. Photo Credit: Max Vakhbovych | Pexels

05. Lighting 

It’s important to have a good balance of lighting within your open-plan space. Your selection of lighting should help you distinguish the various areas within your apartment.

For instance, droplights or chandeliers in the dining areas, task lighting in the kitchen, and a blend of recessed and floor lamps in the living room will create an interesting diversity within your home.

When working with lighting, it’s important that you keep the purpose of each section in mind. Also, consider the availability of natural lighting.

open plan interior décor, interior decor, oplen plan decor, open floor plan home decoration
Natural lighting is properly maximized in this space. Also, notice how the droplights in the dining area serve as accents within the space. Photo Credit: Max Vakhbovych| Pexels

06. Accents and Focal Areas

Accents and Focal areas will elevate your home’s design. Be intentional about them. Because it’s an open space, multiple accents can work with each zone. However, you should take a subtle approach to this. Introduce a variety of textures, surfaces, shapes and sizes to accentuate features and areas.

Preferably, you want to take most of the attention to the living room while the rest of the space is built around it.

An open floor plan gives you the freedom to pattern your design to your individual needs.  Important factors to consider when working with an open plan apartment include the size of the space, natural lighting, and layout.

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