How To Improve Your Home Décor With Statement Pieces

How To Improve Your Home Décor With Statement Pieces

A statement piece defines your space. It’s that one element that elevates your room. It stands out and doesn’t shy away from attention. Using Statement Pieces will bring a pronounced uniqueness to your space. If you want to create a space that is adorned with the right amount of elegance and excitement, we’ve put together these tips to help you get it right with statement pieces.

What Is A Statement Piece?

A statement piece is a décor item within your space that is appealing, enticing and unique. Statement pieces are usually bold and command a second glance because of how they stand out. They can be a variety of items like couches, lighting, rugs, furniture, accessories, wallpapers and soon. This means that various elements in your home can serve as a statement piece. The key is to make it exceptional.

How to work with Statement Pieces

01. Let it stand out

Like the name, your statement piece should make a “statement”. If something is in your space to command attention, that’s what it should do. Although you want a piece that matches other items in your space, your statement piece should have something different about it. This could either be in patterns, colours, or shapes.

For Instance, you can use bold abstract artwork or murals with visual prints to make a stunning statement in your space. Also, consider using a couch with unique curves and details to create an elegant room. A stunning room divider with intricate details will really stand out in your space.

Your statement piece should clearly say “hey, I’m here and I’m different. See how this rug and center table stand out. The details are clear and the patterns are eye-catching. That’s what it means to make a statement. Photo Credit: Vicislavaspopa | Pexels

2. Consider the size of your space

Generally, the size of your space is an important consideration when setting up your décor. It will help you decide what comes in and what doesn’t. It’s easy to create chaos if you do not pay attention to the size.

For instance, a large wall art may not work well in a small space and a large statement chair might ruin the design because it collides with other elements within your space.

A really large space would mean that you can’t leave your statement piece hanging alone. In this case, pair up a couple of items that will elevate your piece. Knowing how much room you have will help you decide what to pair and how to pair them up. Photo Credit: Vicislavaspopa | Pexels

03. Let it be exciting

Any item that highlights your space should be something that’s inspiring, interesting or cheerful. Your statement piece should be a delight to have. It’s not a bad idea to add a fun element to it. Your statement piece should never be boring. It’s called an attention-grabber for a reason.

The idea is to create a sense of ease, comfort and relaxation within your space. This could be through a piece of art, wallpaper or mural revealing a beautiful blast of creativity. It could also be a pristine table lamp, a distinct looking center table or an awe-inspiring chandelier. You are allowed to get creative about how you’ll bring excitement into your home décor.

Not only does this sofa bring colour to the space, but it also adds a stylish, yet comforting vibe to it. A guest would definitely wonder how such a piece found its way to your apartment. Photo Credit: Vicislavaspopa | Pexels

04. Work with colours

Colours will help you express yourself. They also affect the mood within your space. To have a truly distinguished space, you should know how to make colours work for you. Also, the purpose of your space should inform the colours you use.

For instance, it’s a general rule that bedrooms are for rest and relaxation. Therefore, the colours you use should promote this. Aim for a calm ambience. Your statement piece can be a vibrant headboard which enhances the subtle background tones. You can also use a large mirror to create a pronounced dressing area or throw in a spectacular furniture piece.

It’s all about the bed here. That’s where the statement is. See how the fancy headboard works with the stylish bench at the foot of the bed. They both create the necessary contrast in this calm ambience. Let’s not ignore those pretty droplights dangling with elegance. Photo Credit: Max Vakhbovych | Pexels

05. They’re complementary, not similar 

Your statement piece doesn’t have to be a single item. It could be several pieces that work well together. Remember that the idea behind having a statement piece is to create a space that exudes originality. When you combine various subtle elements, you’d be surprised at how they create a distinctive feature within your room.

Consider pairing the couch with a unique droplight or an artwork with a detailed console. Try to layer your coffee table with a matching rug or complement boldly patterned items with solid colours and subtle lines.

Did you notice the detailed edges on the dining chairs? Of course, it’s easy to see. Watch how these details also blend with the purple highlighted couch to elevate this living room. That’s synergy! Photo Credit:Vicislavaspopa | Pexels

A statement piece is the attention-grabber you need to introduce originality to your space. It directs the tone of your space and helps you bring elegance into your space.

Now that you know how to improve your space with statement pieces, we’re sure you’ll be glad to consider these tips when next you decorate your home.


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