How To Choose a Theme For Decorating Your Home

How To Choose a Theme For Decorating Your Home

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The idea of a home revamp can be overwhelming. Choosing a design theme is often the first step to planning your home decoration. This is because it guides the design process and outcome. When planning your space, it is a priority to choose a theme that makes you comfortable and is suitable for the size of space you’re working with. We’ll be giving you a 6-step guide to choosing a theme that’s perfect for you.

01. Set a Budget

Budgeting may seem unrelated to space planning and decoration, especially choosing a theme – but it is the core. This is because the theme you choose determines the items and furniture you will purchase to achieve it. When you set a budget, you can choose specific items that will fit without reducing the quality of space you want.

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Themed spaces are often well coordinated and possess remarkable uniformity.  Photo Credit: Marko Poplasen | Shutterstock

02. Look for Ideas

Finding inspiration is the next step. There is a high probability that you already had something in mind when you decided to redecorate your space. This is where you get to give expression to that idea. Surf the internet, look at design magazines and similar guides to help you get a picture of what you want. Only then will you be able to make a guided decision on what features to include or remove from your space.

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The perfect design is a combination of your observation and unique ideas. Find something you like and add your style to it.  Photo Credit – Spacejoy | Unsplash

03. Consider your preferences

It is always advisable to adorn your home with things that you like. It’s okay to add your favourite colour, artwork, furniture, and so on. Always look out for what makes you comfortable and you’ll never get tired of your space.

04. Choose Quality

Select a theme that remains valuable to you. Something that gives you a pleasant greeting when you wake up every morning – this is what spatial quality is all about.  Your home needs to have highlights that you can appreciate without being limited by the constraints of space or budget. Also, consider if the design you want to adopt will make it easy or difficult for you to use your space.

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Size is a major determinant of important spatial features like colour combinations, furniture and lighting. Photo Credit – Sidekix Media | Unsplash

05. Don’t Ignore Size

The size of your space will determine if certain themes will work in it – and how they will work with your ideas. For instance, themes with dark tones and bold patterns will make large spaces appear more intimate. Large art pieces and rugs will work here without disrupting the flow of your design. Conversely, small spaces will do better with bright colour tones, simple furniture, and delicate details. 

living room design ideas
Good visualization reveals how your chosen theme and features will work within your space. 

06. Visualize

Sometimes, you have an idea for your space but don’t know the best way to achieve it. In situations like this, it is advisable to seek help from professionals. An interior designer will give you a tangible visualization of how your space will look. You get to see this beforehand and make any changes in the planning process. The best part of this is that it saves you a lot of time and money.

Choosing a theme for your home is only one step to the entire process but it ensures that the rest of the work is efficient. One important thing to note is that your home will always be valuable to you if it is more personal. This is why you should seek ways to include things you really love.

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