11 Reasons Why You Should Buy or Sell with the Chronos Stores App

11 Reasons Why You Should Buy or Sell with the Chronos Stores App

Why you should shop or sell with us? One simple answer? Because…   Everybody WINS!

Apart from the being a very on-the-go, convenient way to get your products to a larger number of customers and to check out trendy and pocket friendly interior decor products you can buy, the new Chronos Stores App offers the following benefits:

For Buyers

Shopping for interior décor products with our App couldn’t be easier! Now, your quality purchases are only a click away, with the following added advantages:

1. A wide range of featured products for spaces in your home, school, office, just about anywhere!

Categories available include: Décor, Sanitary Fittings, Office Furniture, Kitchen/Dining, Bedroom, Furniture, Building Materials, Lighting.

2. You can look through all sizes, styles, colours and price ranges of a product so decision making is a lot easier.

3. Shipping and delivery options

4. All card payments accepted

5. Direct bank transfer payment option

6. Your decision making process is made easier, as the App allows you to share product descriptions and seek opinions from your friends (via Whatsapp, BBM, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)

Couple holding credit card and using laptop

7. Most importantly, you can contact our team members for professional advice or answers to any questions you might have about a likely purchase. We have an online chat feature on the app and website that makes this easy for you.

For Sellers

The heartbeat of the Biz World is Marketing and Advertising. The new Chronos Stores App takes all the running around this involves off your chest, enabling you to sell your products faster and easier. Here’s how…

8. #growEasy Products and descriptive info. can be seen by ANYONE, ANYWHERE! Interior Designers will share your products with their clients and will increase sales prospects for you.

9. #RentFree We offer 100% commissions and return to every vendor after their first 2 sales.

10. We take care of Shipping and Delivery. Read the Sellers’ Agreement for full details.

11. Using the App grants market survey information that lets you know which of your products have the greatest demand. Most frequently requested options also lets you know what products are trending so you know what to add or cross of your stock-list.

Becoming a vendor on Chronos Stores is almost as easy as tying your shoe laces! Here’s an extremely helpful guide: How to Sell on Chronos Stores

Oh, and there’s one more…!

Part of the new features on the Chronos Stores website is that you can ask for design advice. This means you can send in a question about a purchase you intend to make. We also offer a Live Chat option for interior designers and all you DIY enthusiasts out there, and it’s totally FREE!

So, what are you waiting for?! Download the App and start buying and selling now!


As always, we’re ready to answer any questions you might have. Leave us a comment below or call +(234)-8030786259


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