3 Ways Lighting Affects Your Interiors

3 Ways Lighting Affects Your Interiors

Not many realize this, but lighting is one of the most important elements of good interior design. Poor choices in either the type or position of light sources in your space(s) could result in dull or boring interiors.

Growing up, I was used to seeing mostly just two types of fixtures- fluorescent lights and incandescent lamps (or bulbs). Things are a lot different today. You have access to different types of wall lights, ceiling lights, accent lights, free-standing lamps etc., that come in different shapes, styles, sizes and colours. Why is lighting a very important element in great interiors? Here are three reasons why you should think very carefully about your choice of lighting:


1. Defines the Mood in a Room

Quick question. When was the last time you saw a guy, dressed in a shirt and tie, “drop down on one knee and pop the big question” at McDonald’s or Dominoes? My guess is never! Hardly any explanation needed there. There’s a reason people choose fancy five star gourmet restaurants for those kinds of things. Apart from the furniture type, arrangement and overall colour scheme, the choice of lighting helps ‘define the mood’, making the atmosphere of one space come across as formal and intimate while another is perceived as casual and somewhat playful.

Think of three words you would use to describe this dining room. (See?)

One of the restaurants in the pictures above will be best suited for a Child’s birthday party. Why?

2. Can Make a Room Seem Bigger or Smaller

Dimly-lit rooms appear cramped. That’s the simple version of a common phrase amongst interior designers- “light gives the illusion of space” (paraphrased). Where there isn’t much natural light (that is, light from windows, skylights etc.), coming into a room, consider corner lamps, wall sconces and centrally hanging lights on the ceiling. Different lighting effects can be used to make a room look wider, or its headroom (that is, the height of the ceiling) higher. A professional interior designer can walk you through your choice of lighting for this purpose (and as always, the Chronos Stores Team is always a phone call or an email away!)


This office space is actually quite narrow in width, but ample lighting prevents the impression that the walls are closing in. 

3. Adds Interest to Your Space

This is no justification to go “Vegas crazy” with neon lights (laugh out loud?). Using too colourful lights can actually make your space look rather tacky. You can choose artsy looking pieces (with energy saver bulbs, of course) that will definitely encourage visitors to look over them a second time. Remember, “Less is more”. Lights that come with dimer switches might be more expensive, but on second thought, you’re actually getting two for the price of one! Instead of having multiple light sources in your dining room, for example, you can have just one hanging down from the ceiling (mid-point) with varied brightness for different times of the day.

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