How To Select Artwork For Your Interior Design

How To Select Artwork For Your Interior Design

Choosing artwork for your space can be a challenge because there are numerous works of art out there. As a result, one is drawn to ask the question; how do I choose the right artwork?

Art speaks volumes, not just about your space but also your personality as the homeowner.

Art completes your space. It is to your advantage as the homeowner to ask questions before going ahead to make a purchase or you would end up buying something you’ll eventually dislike. Here are some key questions to ask before you purchase an artwork.

01. Does it compliment my space?

Colour is an integral component of your space. You want to go for an artwork that resonates with the colours in your space to help you create the right atmosphere. This element may not necessarily be the colour of the art piece, it could also be found in the pattern of its design.

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02. Do I want a collection?

What purpose will the artwork serve in your space? Do you wish to create a gallery wall or a unique transition between spaces in your home? This will help influence your selection of art. If the idea is to create a gallery wall, you should go with a harmonized selection of artworks that tell a story. Your collection should have a common element.

03. What is the size of my wall?

It is essential to take the measurement of where you intend to hang your art so that you don’t choose something that oddly hangs on your wall. The bigger the artwork, the better it looks on the wall, except for tight spaces. For a gallery wall, the frames should be reasonably proportional and placement should be well thought out.

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04. Does it captivate me?

Did you fall in love with the piece when you saw it for the first time? Or do you want it because it’s the trend? Go for something that captivates and inspires you – an artwork you connect with. This will help you appreciate your decision better. Choose from your heart.

05. Does it represent me?

Remember, art is a unique form of expression. You should choose an artwork that is peculiar to your nature. Something that expresses your personality, belief, and ideals. This way, your space is properly defined and accurately tells your story so you can comfortably identify with it.

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06. How can I be creative with it?

Don’t be afraid to go with your guts. If you stumble upon an artwork that clearly enchants you, the first thing to think about is how you can mix this up with the other components of your space. There are no rules to creativity, the end goal is that you feel comfortable and proud of your space.

Bare walls leave your room incomplete, art finishes the job.

Although asking questions gets you information, asking the right question provides relevant details necessary for your decision.


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