7 Surefire Ways to Turn Your Living Rooms From “boohoo” to “woohoo!”

7 Surefire Ways to Turn Your Living Rooms From “boohoo” to “woohoo!”

“First off forget grandeur. I don’t think it’s the quality we want today” ~Albert Hadley~

We all agree that not everyone has either the time to take online classes in interior design or the money to hire an actual interior designer. So today, we’ll be giving a crash course on how you can have better looking living rooms, starting with the walls. Statistics after all prove this is the focal point for most people. It is the best place to make a great first impression especially when you’re working on a tight budget. The ideas we’ll be sharing are VERY pocket friendly and won’t take so much time to effect, so everyone has information that works for them. Living Room? Not a problem! Here are 7 surefire ways to turn your living rooms from “Boohoo” to “Woohoo!” We will use one of our client projects in Yaba Lagos, to explain things.

Choose a Color Scheme

Before calling for a painter, get a color Palette. No palette? No worries, just flip out an eye shadow kit and note the shades that appeal to you most. Experiment with the colors you like and work from light to dark with pastels (different shades of the same color). Nothing like placing shades side by side to avoid unpleasant surprises. For the above space (Minimalist living room design for a client in Yaba, Lagos).

Why not base selection on the existing patterns around you. It could be the chartreuse color in the throw pillow, or a lighter version of ruby red on the area rug. Be sure to work with colors that pair well with the upholstery, curtains and other soft furnishing. Take a look at the second view, the entire scheme was based on the throw pillow.


 The Cliché Family Photo Gallery

You don’t even have to get new picture frames. Just change the arrangement. If you do want to get new frames, thick black frames with pictures sitting cozily in the middle of a white background will give off for a more “vintage” look. This will work in almost any type of home.

Wall Paintings/Artwork   

Befriend A Student Artist

There are hundreds of students who have no idea what to do with their talent. So instead of spending as much as #40,000 on a single piece, you could negotiate with really creative young people and get as many pieces as you want for a reasonable amount, a family caricature perhaps. You will find some of them on social media by looking up a local artist and his young followers.

Check Out Youtube Videos On Easy To Make Accessories

If you like arts and crafts, you’re in luck! This could be a family activity. Having something you can brag to friends and family will always leave you feeling better as you look over your living room.  Of all the DIY home accessories we have across, spray painted wine bottles or jars for the center pieces are the easiest. They look good on consoles, TV display, and center tables. With the right indoor lighting, it softens your living room into a dream. All you need is metallic spray paint and the bottle or jar. That is all! We used the Abro Matte Gold Paint from Ebeano in Lekki and it turned out beautifully(we’ll show you how in our next article).

Area Rug

Finding the right rug can be a pain especially if you’re not sure what to go for especially in this era of all things shaggy. Choose a rug that goes with any theme to give that snug and cozy effect. Some prefer large animal or geometric prints, we are partial to chic, non-shiny shags.


Space area of residential homes get smaller every day hence the “less is more’ approach works best.

A sectional L-shaped Sofa paired with one two modern arm chairs works perfectly. Looking for something cheaper with a fab look? Three words, modern “Eleganza Plastic Chair”. Before you object, Place a seat cushion to make your living room magazine worthy.

Wall Color

The Very Pocket-friendly Strip

Many shy away from experimenting with paint, probably because it usually ends this way.

However, a few lines of colour here and there will definitely add some variety to those bland walls. All you need to do is add a simple strip of paint or wall art stickers. Horizontal lines cutting walls in half or dropping down from the ceiling will do nicely. What about stenciled patterns? Poker dots? You will be surprised what local painters can do if you take the time to explain .

Window Treatment

There are different textures and patterns available. Fabric Curtains in bold vibrant colors, give the entire living room a cheerful mood. They could be heavily patterned and paired with single colored day blinds or full on ombre. Or you could try wooden blinds or bamboo shades which are timeless and very much in vogue. Some of these options are available in local markets.

What time is it?   

Statement or oversize wall clocks on plain walls or in large spaces go a long way as a pretty and practical


Wall Decals       

And of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning wall decals/stickers. You can personalize your wall, with art stickers on Chronos Stores!

All our suggestions are absolutely pocket friendly and you can have your new look ready in just a few days! “How about that?” Do let us know if you have any questions in the comment section or ring us on 012931872. Look out for our next article on the DIY wine bottles. Cheerios!

Credits: Tosin Olufon, Deborah Adefolalu


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