An Easy Guide to Accent Pieces 1

An Easy Guide to Accent Pieces 1

First of all, what does the word even mean? Phrases such as “accentuate” are often tossed around so much, their true meanings end up being lost. Very simply, an accent is a contrasting element. It complements the overall décor and arrangement in a space, but stands out and is somewhat out of sync with everything else at the same time.

Accent pieces can be anything from furniture to fabrics, ceramics, wall art, sculptors, lighting, rugs, plants, throw pillows and storage provisions such as wicker baskets, cases, trunks etc.

1. Where to Start

The most basic rule to remember is that surprise is the main objective of including accent pieces in your interiors. The best place to start is the entryway of a building. Whether it’s an anteroom, foyer, hallway, reception or waiting room, adding interest helps set the tone for the rest of the building interiors.


In this anteroom, the very ‘rowdy’ wall painting is a welcome jolt away from the other calm earth-tone colours in the space.


2. Accent Colours

Accent colours are used for emphasis in a colour scheme. In choosing an accent colour, pick out something that draws the eye by creating contrast and rhythm within an interior space. These could be either darker shades, or bright and warm colours.


Rather bright colours are picked out for the walls, rug and lighting.


3. Accent Furniture

This is perhaps the best and most popular way to add the wow-factor to your space. They are easy to incorporate in just about any room. For example, picking out a dining table that stands out because of its colour, style and finish rather than one that matches the chairs is one way this can be done. In your living room, chairs with a strong profile or outstanding upholstery or a colour/ pattern that stands out Remember, you’re not trying to add something that looks out of place, but rather one that complements everything else.

Add character to a room full of mostly traditional furniture with a modern and unusually-
designed piece such as the ‘ALWA Stool’ (available on Chronos Stores. Shop Here)


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