An Easy Guide to Accent Pieces 2

An Easy Guide to Accent Pieces 2

In our last design story, we introduced accent pieces as one of the most significant components of any interior space and shared three easy ways you can introduce them into your space. If you missed it, please Click Here to have a look. This week, we’ll give two more straightforward tips which are guaranteed to leave you bursting with creative ideas. Be sure to ask questions, and leave us comments/ suggestions as well!

4. Lighting

Interesting lighting fixtures serve as great accent pieces. Ceiling and wall lights, table and floor lamps, and shelf lighting that come in an unconventional style and/or bright colours will help add dimension to your space.


These red pendant lights will more or less take visitors by surprise on entry

5. Accent Walls

Avoiding long blank walls is essential to not creating spaces that are perceived as bland and boring. You could have one wall painted in a bold or dark colour or covered with a decorative wall paper. As seen below, the colour, lighting and art piece used for the accent wall were carefully selected such that they stand out on their own and still manage to fit in with the other pieces in the space. You will also notice different areas in the room which we tried to sneak in colours from the painting. This gives a more “put-together” look.


An abstract art piece is used to even out the very dark shade of grey chosen for the accent wall

Alternatively, you could maintain all-plain walls in neutral colours and “break them up” with art work, mirrors with interesting frame designs etc.

The wall art used here is a playful and a welcome break away from the dominantly neutral colour palette


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