How to Maintain your Interior Décor

How to Maintain your Interior Décor

Having a splendid interior décor gives you a confidence boost. It makes you feel pleased with your space. The first time you redecorate or set up your space, you certainly had the satisfaction of doing a great job. However, this easily wanes off as soon as your space begins to look untidy.

There’s barely enough time to ensure that it maintains a brand new look because you may have a busy schedule. But it’s natural that you to want your home to always be on fleek. We’ll show you a couple of cleaning habits help you maintain the initial spark your living room had the first day you fell in love with it.

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1. Use a Storage System

Minimize clutter by reducing the items placed on surfaces. Keep only what you need to display while the rest can go into a storage box for safekeeping. All pieces of accessories do not have to be displayed at the same time. You can safely store some of them away for when you wish to put up something different.

Some décor Items which are only needed for certain seasons (e.g. Christmas) or events can be stored away. Occasionally, you can replace the already displayed accessories with the ones you have stored. This adds variation to your design and gives you options, it also preserves accessories so they last longer.

2. Dust Surfaces

Another benefit of de-cluttering is how it makes dusting surfaces easier when cleaning. It is advisable to dust surfaces from the top to bottom before proceeding to the floors, and ensure you’re using the right solution or treatment for each surface you clean. Wooden surfaces require a different solution from glass or leather surfaces. This is a very important point to note if you want to preserve your furniture.

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3. Use Clean Tools, Replace Old Ones, and Wash Fabrics

“Clean the cleaner”. Frequently replace cleaning materials. Using dirty tools to clean only makes spaces dirtier. This is why you should properly maintain them as well. Also, pay attention to washing any fabric component of your décor. This includes curtains, throw pillows, and so on. Vacuum the rugs and the couches on a regular basis.

4. Allow Natural Ventilation

Open up the windows more frequently to let in some air. A well-ventilated space smells fresh and feels relaxing. Don’t forget to pay attention to the easily overlooked areas as well. Clean up frequently touched places, polish door knobs and replace old elements. Having an outstanding interior décor is cool but without proper maintenance, your guests may feel less entertained and this will only make you a rather disappointed host.

These cleaning habits will help you preserve the beauty of your interior design. You will feel more comfortable in a space that pleases you. Occasionally, you may have the urge to rearrange furniture or make some changes to your layout. The good thing about this is the flexibility it gives you. Remember, it’s your space and you’ll want to make the best of it.


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