Choosing the colour that suits your walls

Choosing the colour that suits your walls

Pick a colour that suits your personality.

There’s no point in choosing a colour and a week later regretting it. Colours can also change your mood and make rooms look bigger or smaller. Take a look at these colour descriptions:

  • Blue: A very relaxed colour that works best with a lot of natural light. Dark blues can make small rooms seem very small so watch out! Without windows, dark blues will also make your room seem very crowded and claustrophobic. Light blues can also seem a bit babyish. It works well with wooden floors in particular and can be very healing and calming. Posters also look horrible against dark blue walls! Most people have blue rooms.
  • Green: Both a very natural and artificial colour depending on its shade. Dark greens are great with lots of natural light and can make you feel very free. Light greens work well at brightening rooms with no natural light and can make them seem bigger, they give a nice ‘cool’ feel and are also original. Green also works well in either male or female rooms.
  • Black: Should be avoided. Can work very well with other colours such as greys, silvers and some dark blues but gives an overall ‘goth’ feel to rooms and makes them feel small, cramped and scary at nights. They can also make you feel very depressed, give you headaches and look weird with natural light. Posters work well against them though.
  • Yellow: Brightens up rooms, boosts your mood and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Yellow works well with any light and with most floors. Posters also work well against it. Gives a sense of freedom, peace and energy. Can give headaches. Very good for those who are feeling down. Original.
  • Red: The ultimate original colour, shows you’ve got confidence, pride and strength. Nothing can get you down with this colour. It works well with any light and can make rooms feel spacious. This is a very vibrant, hot colour and is not usually recommended for bedrooms. It is best that it is used in combination (one or two walls red, the others white) or as an accent colour.
  • Pink: Girly but not all girls like it. Pink can give the impression that you are very superficial and materialistic but also fun and friendly. It gives your room a calm and relaxed look and can make your room seem bigger and airy.

Choose colours that complement each other. Have a look at which colours go well together and coordinate them! Play around with different shades to get a good match. As shown in this bedroom, there are shades of brown complemented by white.

bedroom chronos stores wall decals

Take any existing colours in the room into account. Are you not allowed to change a carpet that is a certain colour, for example? Choose colours for the walls and decorations that go with that existing colour – work with what you have. You would notice how the furniture blends with the contrast walls here. Yellow recesses were added to make the space more dramatic.
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