Frequently Asked Questions – Decals

Frequently Asked Questions – Decals

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Here are some Questions we’ve been asked, and the Answers we’ve given…

   Wall decals are basically like stickers right? Do they start to peel off at the corners after a while?

No, they don’t. However, if moisture happens to seep through the pores of the wall or ceiling surfaces they are stuck to, the adhesive becomes weak and they will in fact begin to peel off. Care should be taken in choosing the location for your decals.

   What are the various sizes available?

There are three categories: Small, Medium and Large. When ordering online, click the

‘Select Options’ tab below your chosen decal to view the sizes available, prices, colours etc. The image below shows an example. We also have PC sticker size decals.

 I saw one of your 3D ceiling decals. I’d like to purchase one but there seems to be a lot of pieces! I’m not so sure the final look will be so great seeing as how I have zero experience with pasting decals?

You should have no problem installing your decal even if it’s your first time. The process is pretty simple and to avoid pasting individual units piece-by-piece, we use something called a transfer film (below is a picture of one of our staff members detaching a transfer film).

Read more about the installation process in our previous blog post How to Install Your Wall Decal.

 Can your wall decals be removed after installation, and will they chip off paint or leave stains on the walls?

Yes, they can be removed. As to whether or not they will damage the paint, that will depend largely on the type of paint used. Typically, they will not remove wall paint. Emulsion paints are perfect for wall decals. Silk paint (not commonly used) however, will get damaged. Seek professional advice before installation, if you are likely to take the decals off the walls. Our contact information is at the bottom of the page.

 I want to buy a wall decal as a birthday gift but the cartoon character my son likes is not on your site. Do you make custom decals?

Yes, you can have a particular design or ensemble custom-made. Quotes, brand images, cartoon characters, just about anything! Below is an example. A graphic artist made the design and we had it printed with a laser cutter.

A decal prepared for a customer


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